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Your new AI personal assistant, built into a voice activated natural-language-based internet browser

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IA Browser Features

Haldune Corp. employs a complex combination of AI models and proprietary neural network technologies to accelerate and automate workflows and to create IA: Intelligence Amplification.

AI Accelerations

AI accelerates daily tasks, like managing your calendar, retrieving files from a complex website, or generating ideas and writing

Control Your Computer by Voice

Use voice commands to manage emails, calendar, voice memos, and more

One-Shot Natural Language Interface

Turn a 20 click internet task into 1 natural language command, utilizing AI agents that can perform multi-step actions

Fully Functional Internet Browser

Built on the Chromium framework for compatibility with all standard Google Chrome extensions and features

Local Model Execution

Algorithmic decisions incorporating personal data run and core AI models run locally on-device, keeping your data private

Highly Personalized

Local, private, AI models use proprietary architectures to create personalized AI that knows your style and goals and helps you fulfill them

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions about Haldune Browser

Can Haldune Browser replace Google Chrome as my daily driver? arrow faq
Yes. Haldune Browser is a full-service internet browser, which you can use for all standard web browsing tasks.
Do you sell my data to third-parties? arrow faq
No. As stated in our terms of service, we do not. We believe that privacy is of fundamental importance: even more so in the age of AI. We believe that your data is your own.
Will Chrome browser extensions work on Haldune Browser? arrow faq
Yes! Haldune Browser is built on the same open source Chromium framework as Google Chrome, which means that all your Chrome extensions will still work.
Are your AI models built on ChatGPT? arrow faq
No. We utilize a combination of proprietary and tuned open source models in our software. Due to this approach, we have greater control over how our customers' data is secured and kept private. We do not use the ChatGPT API.
Is the Haldune Browser free? arrow faq
Yes. Haldune Browser is free to download and use. We also plan to roll out a premium tier with more functionality for users with greater operational requirements.

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